A Big Success, is the nineteenth episode from the animated series, The Nimbols.


Oona isn’t at all thrilled to have Urp and Ulee as her science project partners until Urp tells her about Slopweed, a common plant on his home planet that sounds perfect for an environment-friendly fuel. Meanwhile, Neema and Blip are working on their project, a vehicle-mounted motion detector that would prevent accidents.

Slick and Eye, needing a project of their own, send the devious Glick to sweet-talk Blip and to spy on him. Neema attempts to warn Blip, but she becomes irritated and jealous when he seems to enjoy Glick’s “interest” in science. Oona, Urp and Ulee have converted the Slopweed into fuel, which wins them an award. Blip and Oona, having been distracted, are not yet finished but they are still able to enjoy the surprise project that Blip had created for Glick.




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