A Big Responsibility (Italian: Una Grande Responsabilità) is the fifth and sixth episodes and a two-part episode in Season 1 from the animated series, Puppy in My Pocket. It was originally broadcasted in Italia 1 on November 3 & 5, 2010 and Boomerang on May 31 & June 7, 2011.


Part 1

Kate and Magic search the Big City looking for Princess Ami following the way that her father, Peter walks as a tour guide. Unfortunately, they get nowhere. However, they meet a little Italian girl, Martina who seems to have great need of a little puppy, Tobia. Following their promise, Magic and Kate come back to Pocketville to choose a pet for their little friend. However, Ima is waiting for them and Kate has doubts about her own skills, despite Evershell’s reassurances, who told her she is the only one who could takes Ami’s place.

Part 2

At the end, Kate extends using the Pocketpedia to the puppy for Martina. She begins to search it with Magic, while her friends try to collect the Magic Drops, necessary for the Friendship Ceremony. Nevertheless, Ima saw the picture of the chosen animal to appear on her part of the Friendship Heart, and when Kate and Magic arrive, she traps them. They are saved only thanks to Tobia, the elected puppy. Tobia leaves to join Martina while Ima, disappointed, promises to redeem herself when Kate and Magic will come back to Pocketville.



  • Kate
  • Peter
  • Martina
  • Martina's Mother



  • Balloon
  • Mela


  • Magic
  • Danny
  • William
  • Tobia


  • Evershell


  • Ima
  • Zull and Gort
  • Krakia
  • Alley Cats

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