24 Hours (Italian: Ventiquattro ore) is the twenty-second episode from the first season of the animated series, Angel's Friends. It was originally broadcasted in Italia 1 on November 10, 2009.


Approaching to the Tournament of Light and Darkness, the Angels and Devils have a whole day, during which there will have to look after the Earthly Ones to prepare for example which was Jennifer and Andrew is going for a stroll.

First, Uri and Kabale pays basketball while Uri wins and Kabale loses. Second, at the Golden School's library, Miki and Cabiria review some of their powers, but when Cabiria was carrying a towering stack of books that tries to falls down, Miki laughs with joy. Finally, at the Earthly City Mall, Sweet is shopping with her Earthly One outfit with her shopping bag and also Gas (with his Earthly One outfit) is eating hamburgers at the food court while the other Earthly Ones are watching him.

However Sulfus with his motorcycle drives off to the Earthly City Beach, where Raf is reflecting and sitting alone in the sand with solitude. She is reached by Gabe, who wants to be near her, sparking jealousy to Sulfus, which starts in succession with Misha on the shore to irritate Raf. At the same time, Arkhan and Temptel recovers the Orb of Destiny from the Portrait Room, which draws challengers to the Tournament of Light and Darkness. However at the Challenge Room, Maliki in Reina's orders replaces the original orb with a false orb that was created and controlled by her powers.

Educational Objectives

  • Teaching some patience.
  • Teaching to have trust with those who have proven to be trustworthy.




Earthly Ones

  • Jennifer
  • Andrew
  • Bad Girlz
  • Edward
  • Matthew
  • Julia and Helen



  • This is the first time when Raf sits alone in the sand of the Earthly City Beach since the episode, Ultimatum to the Earth.

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